Congregational Life Facilitating Team

The ministries in the Congregational Life Ministry Area serve the needs of the congregation by providing both church-wide fellowship opportunities and individual focused ministries.  Some of the teams that serve in this area call for short term commitment (holiday meals and events) while others call for a year round commitment (prayer chain, emergency meals, etc.)  All of these ministries strengthen the life of the congregation, nurture its members and empower us to be "a joyous family where all are welcome to grow in faith and love."


Stephen Ministry Team
This team shows God's love to individuals by providing support and a loving ear to those in our church family who are in need or struggling with life situations.  Prior to serving on this team, a Stephen Minister receives 50 hours of formal classroom instruction to be a trained listener.  In addition, a member of this team will receive monthly supervision in team meetings and ongoing education sessions.


Blue Christmas Service

The purpose of this team is to bring God's light and love to individuals who have experienced any type of loss.  Losses are enhanced during the Christmas holidays and this worship service provides healing resources, and focuses on memorial rituals to help people through their grief at Christmas.  Although typically handled by our Stephen Ministry Team, all are welcome to participate in the preparation and delivery of this transformational worship service.


College Student Support Team

This team focuses on our students away at college.  We support them on a monthly basis by sending them cards, letters and the occasional goodie basket so they remain connected to their church family.


Rally Day/All Church Picnic

We welcome the return to regular worship time in the fall with a celebration!  Rally Day is a welcoming event for all church family and friends and is celebrated with a casual meal and outdoor activities for all ages.