Plainfield Congregational Church United Church of Christ
 Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl ministry actually had it's beginning as a scarf ministry. When the call was put out to knit scarves for the General Synod meeting in Long Beach, California in 2013, a number of our church women expressed interest in participating in the project.  For six weeks we created the scarves. When we were done, the group wanted to continue to meet weekly. We discussed what project we could work on next and the consensus was to begin with prayer shawls. This ministry has evolved as we have learned how prayer shawl ministries are done in other churches. We bless the completed shawls in the worship setting. Recipients of the shawls receive a letter that contains the blessing that was offered over the shawl during worship and the date the shawl was blessed. Additionally they receive a prayer card with a prayer that fits the situation for giving the prayer shawl. The group has knit hats and scarves for the Arctic Adventure Christmas party at Morning Star Mission. We also made scarves for the Boston Marathon scarf project this Spring. We have lots of laughter and fellowship as we create items that are symbols of God's presence.