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Growing together in faith and love

PCCUCC believes in including our children and youth in

all aspects of the life of our church.

Youth Led Worship: We have a children and youth led worship every three months. They are assisted to plan and develop the service and volunteer for liturgist, offering assistants, and Fellowship time leaders.

Sunday School: We offer a dynamic Sunday school program which typically meets on Sunday during the school year (starting in September on Rally Day and ending on Memorial Day). ​All children begin the Sunday service with their families. They remain together until after the Ministry of Music moment, except the 1st Sunday of the month when the children remain for the entire worship service and are encouraged to experience Communion with the Congregation. 

Youth Groups: In addition we have our Rise and Shine Youth group experiences for later elementary age children through Middle School and then another one for High School age youth. The youth group programs alternate between social and service based activities. The youth groups are open to all,children and families who attend the church regularly and are members as well as their friends. 

Confirmation: We believe in assisting youth (7th to 9th grade) to develop their faith and understanding of being a Christian as well as to consider becoming a member of PCCUCC.  We offer a school year long Confirmation class, typically with other youth their age, to question and explore Christianity. This is under the guidance of clergy and mentors from the church. 

Vacation Bible School: The church has been involved in providing a community-wide VBS that offers children, regardless of church affiliation, an opportunity to come together and learn about God's plan and message for us. All children ages 2 1/2 (potty-trained is required) through high school can participate as a student or a Counselor-in-Training (CIT). We strive to provide a contemporary program that fits with the message of inclusion and learning based on being an Open & Affirming United Church of Christ Congregation.   

Sunday school


Are you and your children looking to  deepen their understanding of God? Are you looking for a Biblical base for their learning that focuses on Jesus and the LOVE Christ has for us? Do they have questions that a teacher other than you can help answer? If so then they may enjoy our Sunday school classes for children 2-12 years old. 


This is our program for preschool age children, ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old. The Sprouts gather together with their teacher Sunday mornings throughout the school year to learn about the love God has for them. Using engaging and innovative teaching methods from the Deep Blue curriculum, Sprouts are introduced to Biblical based teachings which strengthen their connection to Jesus' message for us.  Our teaching methods use a variety of methods such as Art, Dramatic play, Games, Movement, and Music to keep our Sprouts focused on their learning. 

Kids Quest

After our children have entered Kindergarten they can move into the next level of Christian Education. The program continues to be based on the Deep Blue Kids curriculum and uses a variety of teaching methods arts & crafts, games, and movement & music activities. Our Kids Quest leaders select each activity to make the week's Biblical story come alive for the kids. The adult leaders encourage the children to develop connections with each other that begins in the classes and continues into youth group and beyond. 

For more information on programs for children & youth, please send us a message.

Thanks for submitting your information to PCCUCC. We will be in touch!

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