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Kindness Matters

My family and I have been "staying in place" for a month now. During this time we have had to learn many new technologies with video chats, e-learning, and remote desktop accessing. It seems that while we are at home together all the time now we are still very busy. It is just that the busyness looks a little different without driving to after school activities, going out to eat, and getting together with friends/family. But one thing that I have been reminded about is that it is very important to keep kindness in our hearts and minds. Some of us are struggling with getting COVID-19, others with losing friends or family to the illness, and others with their mental well-being staying at home. We need to take each moment we can to be kind to one another. To reach out and stay connected when we can. Have you called someone who has been on your mind lately? If not, take a moment and reach out.

I wish I could get together with all of my church friends. I am missing going to church and seeing the children for Sunday School (Sprouts and Kids Quest). I enjoy hearing about all of the kid's day-to-day lives (the good and not so good parts) while we worked on learning that week's lesson. I hope you know that each one of you has been prayed for and thought about during this time apart.

Since I missed you all so much we at the church put our thinking caps on and created PCCUCC Sunday School 2.0! So join us each week on our Facebook page for a message and activity. Please join us this Sunday April 19th at 3pm for our kick off with AMY LOGAN, author of A Girl With A Cape, to learn about how even the littlest of us can make a difference with our kind words and deeds. So bring your Bible, markers/crayons, paper, and envelops and join us for the fun.

If you haven't read her book you can find Amy reading it on her Facebook page so listen to the author herself read it to you before picking up a copy through her website.

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